What To Wear


I have put together some suggestions for those who are looking for some guidance around what to wear for your portrait session;

For Everyone

Firstly, wear what your comfortable in. If you aren’t comfortable in what you’ve chosen for pictures, it will show!

Secondly, matching is out, coordinating is in! This means no blue jeans and white t shirts on every person (unless you really like this look). Choosing colours that compliment each other works really well. Usually choosing two to three main colours of wardrobe, and maybe one accent pop of colour is what I recommend.

Winter is a great time layers and textures. Layering adds depth so things like vests, scarves, cardigans, tights and boots or flats as well as statement necklaces always look great.

Textures also add depth and detail, especially if your colour tones are pastel or neutral, eg knits, crochet, lace, ruffles, faux leather & fur, etc.

Patterns like floral, stripes, polkadots, gingham, etc can add lots of interest but I recommend avoiding character apparel, big logos, big labels, etc (unless your going for a modern, urban look and put together right these items can look really funky).

For Children

For children, I recommend wearing clothes that are fitted now and not something that has room to grow.

When it comes to shoes, these can make or break the overall look of an image. Character shoes or shoes with lots of graphics will date the look of a portrait if you want something timeless. Things like boots, even cute gumboots, sandals, plain skate shoes, ballet flats or even bare feet are recommended.

If you are going for a modern, urban look then funky converse shoes have always looked cute on boys and girls too!

Sometimes simple 1 colour pieces can make a big statement and look devine e.g a plain white dress or shirt & vintage heirloom items.

In saying this if your children have favourite pieces of clothing, shoes or accessories then bring them along, if your child is happy and relaxed then that will show through and if they have special things that they love like soft toys or blankies then its it lovely to capture these things when they are little.